Note:  The Klong Buja blessing drum is only played in Buddhist or special occasions.  It has been considered as a valuable culture that the Northern people should keep up for their next generations.

              Kelang Nakorn is the old word for Lumpang.

 Karaoke Pronunciation       and      English Meaning

1 Klong-bhu-ja   blessing drum.  Ni-rat-pra-thard-lumpang-luang  Visiting Lumpang Luang   temple. 3  Mon-sa-ne-ke-lang-na-korn   Charming Lumpang. 4   Aung-luang-koon-tan   Luang orchid at Koontan cave. 5 Nan-thip-chang   The famous past ruler," Nanthipchang".  6    Phraya Promwoharn  The great poet in the Northern.  7   Tuey-Ka-Kai    Famous ceramic bowls.    Rod-ma-muan-jai    Horse-drawn carriages.              Aew-ke-lang-na-korn  Let's visit Kelangnakorn (old name for Lumpang).  10  Lumperng-Lumpang   Lumperng( Thai old word for a visit) Lumpang.  11  Klong-bu-ja   Blessing drum with no singer.  12   Nan-thip-chang   The famous past ruler,"Nanthipchang" with no singer .

La musique qui a bercé notre passage à Chang Raï


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